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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any installation charges?

No. Professional installation is at no charge.

How does the alarm panel work?

The easy to use touch screen security panel is the central hub for arming and disarming the alarm as well as viewing video cameras, door bells, and controlling home automation devices.

Is this home security system professionally monitored?

Yes, the system is monitored 24/6 365 days a year by Brinks five star diamond certified central station with rapid response and dispatch of the proper authorities. 

Does the system support bluetooth disarming?

Yes, up to 5 smartphones can be paired to the system for automatic disarming when you are in range.

Do I receive a certificate of monitoring for my homeowners insurance?

Yes, typical discounts received range from 5-20%.

Do you have life safety devices?

Yes, we have life safety devices such as medical pendants, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors all available for no additional monitoring costs.

Is there an App that operates the system?

Yes, there is an award-winning app powered by Alarm.com to arm and disarm your system remotely, view live video, receive doorbell notifications, and control your connected devices.

How does my security system communicate for fire, burglary, or medical emergencies?

The system uses WiFi and cellular to send the emergency signal to our central station which rapidly relays the notifications to the police department, fire department, or emergency medical assistance.

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